eyeSlices 10-Day sachet pack for one


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Targets puffiness, dark circles, tiredness, redness & wrinkles all in one.

Light, small and great to throw into a handbag, overnight cosmetic bag or store in your side drawer for daily use either first thing upon waking or last thing at night before bed.

Suitable for All skin types

Directions for Use
Remove all moisturisers, make-up, creams, sunscreen off your skin. There is a flat side & a slightly curved side to the pads. The flat side sticks best to the skin! Remove the slices from both layers of packaging & apply by gently pressing them into the eye contours. It might take a few seconds to get used to moulding them into your unique eye contours. As they warm up from your body heat they mould & stick even better. Place the slices back into the clear base & lid & THEN into the sachet & SEAL. Both layers of packaging prevent the slices from drying out too quickly. Once opened, you need to get your 8-10 uses out of it within 30 days of opening. Store at room temperature. Only refrigerate if you want an extra cold sensation (summer only)! They are cooling even without a fridge.

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