Linseed Oil Nanoparticles 20ml

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  • Rich in essential fatty acids

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Calming and soothing

  • Easily recognised and utilised by cells

  • Perfect after sun and for burns

  • Ideal for dry acne

Key Ingredients

Pure linseed oil encapsulated in a phosphatidylcholine nano-dispersion.


Linseed oil is a luxurious, milky serum. It is an excellent source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid which belongs to the omega-3 acids. For the first time, the oil has been successfully stabilised in nanoparticles for guaranteed delivery and maximum benefit for the skin. Linseed oil is well recognised for its anti-inflammatory effects and treatment of burns. Perfect care of reddened & photo-damaged skin.

Our RN or therapists will recommend this product. Recommended for irritated, inflamed or reddened skin.

Available for purchase in-clinic only.