skin rejuvenation – anti-aging – acne – scarring – smoothing – circulation – healing – pigmentation

We offer four different lights to stimulate collagen production – which rejuvenates skin, soften fine lines, smooths rough textured and/or blotchy skin.  LED can help to kill acne causing acne & breakouts. LED can soften scars and lighten pigmentation. 

  • Red LED – stimulates collagen production
  • Blue LED – reduces acne causing bacteria
  • Green LED – lightens pigmentation
  • Yellow – improves circulation, helping to rejuvenate and heal the skin

This is a very relaxing treatment that takes between 30-45 minutes. Times may be shorter if this treatment is an ad-on.

Your therapist will know which is the best LED light for your skin concern .  We recommend LED as an ad-on therapy with certain skin treatments.