Love Your Skin With Bloom


We are a professional and friendly team of registered nurses and qualified laser therapists who will take care of you and your skin needs at our Willis Street clinic.

We offer the most advanced clinically proven treatments and products to give you the best possible results. Find confidence & love your skin.

Bloom Clinic Update: Covid-19 Response

We want to provide you with an update on how we here at Bloom are responding to Covid-19 and putting the safety of our customers and staff first.

Spider Veins

You no longer have to cover up spider veins with makeup or clothing. We specialise in treating unwanted red, black, blue or purple spider veins around your nose, cheeks, face, chest, arms or legs using a medical-grade laser.   Our laser technology is the fastest and safest way of softening, fading or reducing facial, torso or leg spider veins forever.

Skin & Anti-Aging

Slow down time, restore your skin’s youthfulness, and fade sun damage and facial redness with our anti-aging treatments and products.  We develop bespoke treatments – laser genesis, microdermabrasion, sonophoresis (infusions), LED light therapy and peels to address your skin concerns. 


With our specialised treatments and products we can give you control of your acne and breakouts today.  We offer bespoke single treatments and plans to address your acne today.  We treat teens & adults, light to dark skin tones – all year round.

Laser Hair Reduction

This is the most affordable and effective solution to reducing unwanted hair – leaving your skin feeling smooth. We offer hair removal on small & delicate areas of your face and body.  We treat dark to light skin tones all year round. 


Our genesis laser, microdermabrasion and scar reduction peels are effective in treating a wide range of scars, including stretch marks, post surgical scars, acne, uneven skin tones & texture, enlarged pores, self harm scars and more..  Scars don’t have to be recent to be treated.  We recommend multiple treatments and a free 15 minute consultation to discuss a personalized treatment plan today. 

Nail & Warts

Nail & wart infections are not something we like to share with the world, but they are very common and often ignored.  We have developed an easy laser treatment that is pill and ointment free. You will need a 30 minute treatment every 3- 4 weeks over 3-12 sessions.