Subtle Lip Enhancement (ClearLift Laser)

Are you wanting to improve the texture, tone and colour of your lips? You are not alone! It is clear this is an area people are wanting improvement from lip tattooing, makeup products, techniques and lip fillers. But they are temporary, expensive, the wrong colour, painful and or have downtime. That’s why we offer subtle lip enhancements with our ClearLift Laser.

Lip Enhancement Wellington

About ClearLift Laser for Lips

ClearLift technology uses a non-ablative laser to painlessly enhance your natural lips. ClearLift uses different focal points to penetrate and stimulate the tissue of the lips in order to regenerate collagen, improve definitions, smoothness, and natural volume plus improve the colour. This is a gentle technique and non-heat laser which must be done in four treatments over 6-12 weeks.

About The ClearLift Laser Treatment

Since ClearLift is painless and not a heat laser, no numbing treatment is necessary. Your practitioner will guide you through the steps as you lie back and relax. The laser tip is gently moved over the mouth area. Certain areas of the lip, such as the lower lip and the cupid’s bow, are the main focus areas for enhancement, but the laser will go over the entire lip and mouth area.

ClearLift is not a one-time treatment, you need 4 treatments of 6-12 weeks to see the best results.

Treatment Benefits

  • Makes your already beautiful lips more defined
  • Improves your lip’s smoothness
  • Regenerates collagen
  • Enhances your natural volume
  • Improves the natural colour of your lips

What to expect during the treatment

ClearLift is painless, no numbing prior to treatment. Either a RN or laser therapists will remove any make up and explain what will happen, how it works and do the procedure. This will only take about 20 mins and is a perfect add on treatment.


Laser Lip Enhancement
Rejuvenating, plumping and retexturing lips.30 mins$150
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