Spider Vein Treatment

We use laser to treat leg or facial spider veins. Harmony, from Alma (Wellington only) or Cutera excelV (Auckland only) 

Using the most advanced aesthetic laser technology, Bloom Skin Health clinic provides industry-leading spider vein treatment services. Book a 20min ($30, redeemable with your first treatment) consultation with one of our experienced RNs or therapists today.

We use a vascular laser wavelength to treat, soften and fade face or leg spider veins. The 1064 nm wavelength offers greater depth of penetration and its extended pulse duration facilitates a powerful heating allowing treatment of deeper lesions that cannot be targeted by shorter wavelengths. The applicator features a unique open-angle view with an aiming beam which vastly improves visualization of blood vessels underneath the skin. Simultaneous contact cooling technology incorporated into the tip cools the skin during treatment, minimizing the risk of side effects and resulting in a more comfortable treatment for patients.


This non-surgical treatment delivers pulses of light energy which cause the blood within the vein to coagulate (solidify), eventually destroying the treated vessel.

Unlike IPL or other lasers – our  Harmony vascular LP or excelV laser has a deeper yag wavelength (1064), this means we can treat larger and deeper spider veins. We are also able to perform a treatment on lighter or darker skin colour and tones.

Our experienced team specialise in treating leg, body and facial spider veins and during your treatment consultation a RN or therapist will create a personalised treatment plan for you and can discuss any concerns you may have.

Spider Veins legs and Face

Spider vein treatment
Spider Vein Treatment

Treatment Benefits

  • A course of treatment significantly diminishes the appearance of spider veins across the legs, body or face.
  • It’s non-invasive and non-surgical enabling you to continue your day post-treatment with no downtime

Prior to treatment

Do not apply any retinol products (Vitamin A) on the treatment area for 48 hours prior.

What to expect during the treatment

Optimal results are experienced for the majority of our clients after 4-6 treatments. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a course of treatment that is appropriate for your skin.

Most customers describe the sensation during the treatment, like small rubber bands flicking on the skin. We use a cool pack on the skin before and after to minimise the sensation.


You may get a little histamine response (raised bump). The veins may look more red/scratched or you may get crusting or  bruising. This is all normal and will settle within a week.  

After any laser treatment, sunblock must be applied to the area for 14 days.  We recommend using our asap  soothing gel and apply to the treated area for 48 hours post-treatment.


“It took a few weeks, then my spiders began to fade. Bloom delivered on their promise to me and I am extremely happy with the result”



Spider VeinsFace (Small Area)20 mins$160
Spider VeinsFace (cheeks/chin/nose)
50 mins$199
Spider VeinsLegs (Small Area)35 mins$195
Spider VeinsLegs (Large Area)60 mins$299
Spider VeinsLegs – Package of 3 Treatments60 mins$810
Spider VeinsFace (Small Area) – Add on with another treatment15 mins$80
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