Laser Peel Treatment

Soft peel laser is a combination of laser and a peel. This revitalises and exfoliates skin. It is a perfect treatment for a special occasion, for those who are acne or breakout prone, red or flushed skin tone. This is a perfect  or retexturing treatment or simply just regular self-care.

What is a laser peel? 

A laser peel is a mildly invasive skin resurfacing treatment that is designed to treat certain skin types and skin concerns. The soft differs from traditional chemical peels but produces similar results. It is used in combination with a chemical peel, chosen with your therapist for your concern, skin type and age. 

The peel may be Lactic, Reveal or  Glycolic. It is applied first and left on for 3-10 mins, then removed. 

The  laser peel utilizes pixel laser, which is delivered via our ClearLift. This laser peel does not touch your skin, it is waved gently  over to give a diffuse, warm laser heat, the treatments together reveal a fresher skin beneath.

It is a painless procedure, but you will hear a clicking and there is minimal  down time. You make experience a small amount of skin flaking after 3 days, but this is only noticed by yourself. You can apply make-up immediately after. You can have this treatment every 2-3 weeks.  We recommend no spa, sauna or swimming for 48hrs after and exfoliation or applying active serums for 5 days after.  This is a treatment that will make  your skin will glow and is a go to for pre-events, introduction to laser or just skin self care. 

Ad-on a mini extraction to this treatment 



Treatment Benefits

  • Treats acne
  • Targets specific acne breakouts 
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Reduces scarring
  • Clears clogged pores and reduces pore size 
  • Slows down signs of aging by softening skin texture and decrease fine lines and wrinkles


The good news is that a soft laser peel doesn’t require any downtime and recovery is minimal. You may notice a slight flushness, but this usually doesn’t last long. Immediately following treatment, you’ll need to use a gentle skincare products and sunscreen for 2 weeks.

We recommend no spa, sauna or swimming for 48hrs after treatment. 

We recommend that for 5 days you avoid retinol (vitamin A) or exfoliating products. Collagen boosting products (like vitamin C serum) can enhance the results of your soft laser peel. Your therapist will make suggestions. 

We recommend 4-6 treatments, spaced 2-3 weeks apart.


“The end result was my face was really glowing”



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Book a 20-minute skin consultation with our RNs or therapists to discuss & plan the best treatment for you.