Nail, Skin (infection) and Wart Laser Treatments

We have treatments available for the following conditions:
  • Nail infections
  • Athletes foot
  • Warts

Our medical-grade Alma laser, which uses 2 modalities can treat infections underneath the nail without damaging the tissue or skin under the nail, or the nail itself. Click here to learn more about nail fungal infections. 

This laser can also be used to treat skin infected with athletes foot, which is a common infection. It to is a fungal infection (tinea pedis) that often begins between the toes and if left untreated can spread to skin beyond the toes. 

What is a wart? Usually a small fleshy bump on the skin or mucous membrane caused by human papillomavirus. 

Our laser treat warts. This is a revolutionary and effective way to treat warts. This laser treatment works by shutting down the blood supply to the wart – causing the wart to simply die.

It is uncomfortable, but it is very quick and small pre-post ice packs are used to minimalize the discomfort. 

We recommend both changes in homecare routines, taking our recommended supplements from our online-in-clinic store,  B skin oil and a series of monthly treatments for the best results.

Before and After


What to expect during the treatment

Our treatments are recommended to be undertaken monthly and are usually about 30 minutes in duration. This treatment is done by one of our experienced and discrete laser therapists. It can be a little warm, but not painful. You must remove nail polish prior to treatment and this treatment cannot be done over gel or acrylic nails. 

We recommend you use our B-skin oil (applied twice a day) and supplements. These will be recommended at you first treatment. Laser treatments , we recommend a min of 4-6 laser treatments.


There is no downtime from this treatment enabling you to return to your daily schedule immediately. We recommend and sell Bloom Skin Health clinic essential oil to be applied daily to complement our laser treatment. We also recommend a probiotic and skin omega+  supplements , from advanced nutrition  – to help rebuild the nail and treat the infection from the inside.


Feet: Fungal Nail Infection
45 mins
Wart Treatment
30 mins$150
Wart Treatment – Add on to another treatment15 mins$75
Hands: Fungal Nail Infection
35 mins$145
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