The difference between Bloom Skin Health’s acne treatment and other treatments is that we can directly target the cause.
With a series of treatments, Microplus+ can diminish the appearance of shallow acne scarring and treat enlarged pores and blackheads. We use diamond heads to remove dead or redundant skin. By exfoliating the upper layers of the skin, our Microplus+ stimulates collagen growth, smoothing and re-texturing your skin’s surface.
Microdermabrasion and Sonophoresis can be used in combination with each other or as stand-alone treatments to promote healthier-looking skin. They, stimulate collagen which can help, slow down signs of ageing and help re-texture damaged skin.
Start controlling your acne for good with Bloom Skin Health’s acne treatments and products in Wellington and have the beautiful skin you deserve.
We offer a number of treatment options to treat acne and acne scarring.

Treatment Benefits

  • Target the cause of acne
  • Treatment packages available


Acne Facial Scarring Pore ReductionAllow for 30min apt
From $130 per treatment
Acne Excel V Laser
Allow for 45min
From $140
Acne Body Scarring
Allow for 45-60min
Acne Packages
We recommend a package of 6 treatments over a three month period, which includes – Laser – Microdermabrasion – LED light – Sonophoresis. Single treatments vary depending on what service your therapist recommends.Allow for 30-60 mins for each apt
Packages start from $650 (price increases depending on the area size)
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