Vascular Lesions & Concerns: Long Pulse (LP) Harmony Vascular Laser

We use 1064 Long Pulse (LP) from Alma to treat vascular concerns.   Our Harmony, from Alma  unlike other laser and IPL machines, has been developed to treat many conditions – like spider veins, active acne, and excess hair. Our Harmony LP  has a deeper wavelength and therefore can treat light to darker skin tones.  Our Harmony laser is only available in Wellington. 

Before and After

Vascular Lesions

Treatment Benefits

  • Can be used to treat a range of conditions
    • Angiomas
    • Skin tags (very small only)
    • Venous lakes
    • Sun spots 
    • Spider veins (face + legs)
  • Non-invasive and requires no time off work or downtime or compression socks.
  • Is gentle enough that makeup can be applied immediately after.
  • Can treat all skin tones from very fair to dark. 

Prior to treatment

Do not apply any retinol products (Vitamin A) on the treatment area for 48 hours prior.

What to expect during the treatment

Most patients feel a rubber band snapping sensation against the skin as the pulses of energy are delivered through the hand-piece by the therapist. Both our Harmony (Wellington) and  excel V (Auckland) Lasers have a cooling tip which the RN or therapist will use to protect and soothe the treated areas so you feel no discomfort and have an improved treatment experience.  Often small ice packs are used during or after the procedure too. 


This treatment may leave you a little flushed afterwards, but this will fade within a few hours and makeup can be applied directly after treatment.

You can get raised bumps or welts, bruising or small blister. This is not abnormal with a thermal laser and in fact be a good end point, part of the healing process. Soothing gel or stratacel cream can be applied to this area. 

We will apply sunscreen at the end of the treatment to protect your skin afterwards.


POA depending on the skin concern being treated.

Standard treatment options shown below:

Laser for Global Redness/Rosacea Treatment
Face and Neck75 mins
laser – Venous Lake Treatment
30 mins
laser LP & Clearlift Combo – for acne
Face only60 mins
laser – Angioma Treatment
Small area30 mins
laser – Angioma Treatment
Large area60 mins
laser – Angioma Add-on Treatment
15 mins
laser – Skin Tag Removal
45 mins
laser – Skin Tag Removal Add-on
15 mins
Laser – Sunspot Treatment
Both hands45 mins$185
Laser- Sunspot Treatment
Both half arms50 mins$230
Laser – Sunspot Treatment
Both full arms70 mins$335
Laser- Sunspot Treatment
One half leg60 mins$190
laser – Sunspot Treatment
Both half legs90 mins$380
Laser – Sunspot Treatment
Small facial area30 mins$160
Laser – Sunspot Treatment
Facial and/or neck area50 mins$245
Laser – Sunspot Add-on Treatment
Very small area20 mins$85
Laser for Global Redness /Rosacea TreatmentFace60$199
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