Our Team

Bloom Clinic is a leading skin health and appearance medicine clinic. We use the very latest in advanced appearance- injectables, Dysport, Exceed dermal needling, RF, Microdermabrasion, sonophoresis, LED/laser technology (Harmony Laser from Alma). to provide treatments for concerns such as anti-ageing, global redness, rosacea, acne, scars spider veins, sun damage, skin rejuvenation, tone, texture and tightness.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers realistic expectations about the results they can expect to see with the treatments we provide. We recommend an initial 15-minute consultation with our Dermal/laser therapist or Registered Nurse where you can discuss your skin concerns and determine a treatment plan that is tailored to you.

All our treatments are carried out in our beautiful turn of the century villa, with either a Registered Nurse or qualified Laser/Dermal Therapist.

Chilled water are always on-hand as are glossy magazines and a tranquil atmosphere. Every attention to detail is followed and your privacy is assured. For your convenience, free car parking is available on site.

To ensure you receive the best results, we stock leading skincare and cosmeceutical brands to complement your treatments with at-home skincare.


Roz  has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years, the last 10 years have been  working in appearance medicine.

She specialises in injectables with Dysport, dermal needling, especially for anti-ageing and pigmentation, peels and our Cutera and Alma lasers.  Roz laser speciality is treating all  things  vascular, like spider veins or venous lakes. Our laser services are back by Vascular Specialists.

Roz loves using her experience and tools to work with each of her customers and help them maintain skin quality and  healthy ageing .


Abbie is a senior beautician, dermal skin specialist and laser therapist. 

Abbie has over 8 years of experience working in this industry. Abbie is passionate about all things skin, especially anti-ageing, acne, pigmentation from sun damage, melasma and global redness/rosecea.

Abbie brings her specialist skills using peels, dermal needling, facials and facial massage plus lympatic drainage. Abbie has considerable  knowledge using laser and is enjoying learning about what our Alma can do. 


Elle has over 10 years’ experience as a senior beautician, Laser therapist and dermal technician and is a Registered Nurse.  

She specialises all things laser and is loving getting to know our Alma. Elle also specialises in injectables with Dysport, including treating   hyperhidrosis.  Elle is a specialist in  dermal needling for  acne, scarring, and sun damage. She has a strong interest in using peels for anti-ageing, redness, acne or sun damage. 

Elle, being a registered nurse with years of experience in the beauty industry, brings a lot of knowledge about the tools and products we can & do use  plus a unique positivity to healthy ageing.


Book a consultation with our RN or Dermal/laser therapist to discuss the best treatments for you.