Laser Hair Removal

Have skin that is hair-free forever with our laser hair reduction treatment.

armpits – face – neck –  brazillian – high bikini – snail trail – toes

Here at Bloom we are excited to be able to use our medical grade laser to permanently reduce unwanted hair on your face or body. We specialise in the delicate areas of  your body – for men and women with light or dark skin tones, all year round.

armpits – brazillians – high bikini – face – neck – snail trail – toes

Laser hair removal
How does it work?  

Laser hair removal, put simply is one beam of light and one wave length.  Laser is very controlled and unlike IPL, selectively targets the hair cells and follicles.  The use of one particular wavelength of light in laser hair removal is what allows that selectivity, creating a heat injury to the hair, but not the surrounding skin.  The heat of our laser is absorbed by pigment or melanin in the hair root, causing damage to the hair follicle, which stops future hair growth.  The higher amount of melanin or the darker the hair, the more the light is absorbed and therefore the more effective the hair removal.  Laser hair removal is a safe, greener and more economical way of reducing unwanted hair. 

Bloom laser hair removal offers a more targeted and direct approach with a narrow and precise beam. This provides effective and more permanent results compared to some other treatments.

Our medical grade laser can treat light to black hair, plus it has a long beam depth which means it can safely treat light to dark skin tones.


Skin Care

We are stockists of asap skin care which is  suitable for use immediately after laser treatment for both men and women of all skin types.  asap have specialised products for use following hair removal treatment that help prevent ingrown hairs.  This scrub polishes and revitalises skin with a combination of glycolic acid and non-plastic exfoliating beads, while nourishing oils and powerful antioxidants treat and improve skin’s appearance.