Why use Vitamin C – on your skin?

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-aging ingredient, used by many to combat the signs of aging and pigmentation.  It is necessary for collagen production and maintenance.  Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals therefore slowing down the aging of your skin.

What is a free radical?

It is an atom that has unpaired electrons and is therefore unstable and highly reactive.

Free radicals can be created by:

  • Natural human processes.
  • Environmental issues – such as pollution, pesticides, cigarette smoke and of course the sun.
  • Lifestyle such as drug and or alcohol consumption, medications, lack of exercise and poor diet.
  • Products you put directly on your skin such as poor quality makeup and lotions.
  • Genetics –  look at how your older family members are ageing.

How does Vitamin C help with free radicals?

It helps to neutralize them by capturing them and protecting our skin cells from daily damage.  Vitamin C also inhibits tyrosinase, the enzyme that makes dark (pigmentation) spots in the skin.  To get the full benefits of Vitamin C we recommend daily use of a Vitamin C serum and moisturiser.

Higher concentrations of Vitamin C can work wonders.

We are stockists of asap cosmeceuticals vitamin C serum – a creamy serum (easily absorbed), containing 20% Vitamin C, which is suitable for combination, oily and acne skin.  It is the ultimate intensive treatment to help form collagen. We also recommend this non-oily formula to promote good skin tone, treat pigmentation, discoloration and sun damaged skin.

What else can products containing Vitamin C do?

If your skin is looking dull it will help to brighten it.  With cleansing, toning and moisturising with Vitamin C products you will tighten your skin, improve pore size and promote collagen production.  Here at Bloom we use all of our Vitamin C products either before or after a microplus or  laser treatment.

What other products do we stock with Vitamin C in them?

  • Foaming Vitamin C cleanser
  • Vitamin A & C peel off mask
  • Advanced Vitamin C cream (8% vitamin C)
  • Daily Vitamin C cream with SPF 20

Who can use Vitamin C on their skin?

The great news is just about everyone and any age.  This is an ingredient that suits most skin types and tones.  People with acne, men, woman, young and mature people can use the products daily.

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