Lip balm is not a highly discussed beauty product but one of the most absolute essentials to have with you at all times. We ask our facialist, Monica what we need to know about lip balms and why we need to use one.

What is lip balm or lip salve?  It is a skincare product which is applied topically to the lips to moisturize, relieve and protect the skin on your lips.

Why does the lip area become dry or chapped?  Lips lack sebaceous glands and are subjected to a lot over the course of the day – talking, chewing, breathing and lip-licking. All these things take their toll on a delicate part of our anatomy (the skin is thinner), especially in winter, when cold air lacks moisture. The outcome is often chapped, sore lips, hence the popularity of lip balm. Avoid ingredients like fragrance, salicylic acid and menthol, which can be a cause of irritation or even allergies and products with palm oil in them as this is not good for the environment. 

Lips can take time to adjust to a new product – they can feel dryer before  moisturised.  If you do suffer with dry, chapped lips, it is important to apply your balm otherwise you may get into a vicious cycle of your lips being dry and inflamed.  Using a good quality lip balm will help repair your lip skin’s barrier function, which means less water loss. Look out for so-called occlusive ingredients, such as beeswax and shea butter, which create a physical barrier on top of your skin to prevent water loss. Don’t use lip enhancing and plumping balms, as these often contain mildly irritating agents, which can cause an inflammatory reaction and aggravate dryness.

Here at Bloom I recommend asap hydrating lip balm+ SPF15.  This lip balm protects and nourishes with an advanced formula for utmost care designed to moisturise and smooth lips whilst accelerating healing and providing sun and environmental protection.  This is not a lip product that promotes plumpness.  It also contains Alpine rose, which helps to reduce cold sore occurrence, as well as providing broad spectrum UV protection, SPF 15

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