Acne treatment with laser

Here is why we at Bloom think acne is the worst skin problem ever.  Unlike signs of aging skin, such as wrinkles – pimples can occur anytime throughout a person’s lifetime. 

Why is it so hard to get rid of Acne?  There are many reasons – either you are ignoring the problem, using the wrong products or you are not choosing a treatment that actually targets the cause of your acne. 

What causes Acne:  Sebaceous glands that produce too much oil and the production of too many skin cells, create oil and skin plugs which then trigger the acne cycle.

The Acne cycle:  when you see a pimple, red bump, white or blackhead on your skin it has usually gone through four stages to get there.

Stage 1: Clogged hair follicle or pore.  It is a natural process for your body to renew the cells that die and shed off the skin.  These are replaced by fresh new cells.  If you are acne prone, these dead cells mix with oil and clump together inside your pore.  When this occurs oil and bacteria that cause acne get trapped inside. 

Stage 2: Over production of oil.  Androgen hormones –at any age stimulate the release of oil from your sebaceous glands. Your body continues to produce oil behind the trapped plug inside your pore causing pressure and irritation.  Bacteria which live on your skin now have a supply of food inside the clogged pore.

Stage 3: Breakouts.  Bacteria and oil trapped below the skin surface form a whitehead.  If the pore opens up, oil containing your skin pigmentation oxidizes and turns black – forming a blackhead. 

Step 4: Pimples. Bacteria continues to feed on your oil releasing byproducts which cause an immune response.  White blood cells then rush to the infected area causing swelling, redness and inflammation, this then results in a breakout of red tender bumps known as pimples.

What is the Bloom solution for ACNE?  We have developed ACNE treatment packages for all skin types and tones which work on both teenage and adult skin using our Cutera Laser and specially formulated acne skin care products from OFRA. 

At Bloom we use controlled heat from our laser to kill Acne causing bacteria while simultaneously treating the enlarged pores and Acne scarring.  There are very few risks with Bloom laser Acne treatments and no downtime. 

Start controlling your Acne for good.  Have the beautiful skin you have always wanted

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