The ugly truth about acne scarring

We all want to forget we had acne – but your skin may remember, in the form of scars.  Acne scars are more than skin deep, they can affect your confidence and mental wellbeing.  The good news is that here at Bloom we offer an effective treatment for all types and degrees of acne scarring with laser genesis from cutera.  . 

What is a scar?

Scarring occurs when a wound is repairing itself. Acne often causes a wound.  A scar produces structural change in the deeper layers of the skin which is regarded as an architectural change to the normal surface of your skin. The appearance of a scar depends on the nature of the wound and genetics.

Types of Acne scarring.

Most often acne scarring falls into two categories – scars caused by loss of tissue (atrophic), and scars caused by an excess of tissue (hypertrophic).  Within these two scar categories, acne scars fall into one of four types: boxcar, ice pick, rolling and keloid scars – most people have a combination of the different types of scarring. 

Discolouration is not real scars but rather post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which will fade slowly over time without treatment, this fading can happen much more quickly with laser treatment. 


We offer a non-ablative laser treatment with our Genesis laser with proven results in acne scar reduction after a series of treatments (packages are available) every 1-4 weeks with our short-pulsed 1064 nm laser.  With our non-ablative laser, acne scarring and discolouration improves, softens and reduces acne scarring.

How does Laser Genesis work?

Put simply – by gently heating up the upper dermis well below your skin’s surface, Laser Genesis stimulates collagen regrowth resulting in your skin generating new collagen and gradually filling in or smoothing the scar, improving the discolouration and tightening enlarged pores. 

Ablative lasers work by blasting off the top layer of your skin, requiring a week or more recovery time.  Many non-ablative lasers and IPL devices require contact cooling to achieve selective dermal heating – which can be painful and require days of down time. Laser Genesis by contrast gradually heats the dermal layer through cumulative absorption by oxyhemoglobin (oxygen loaded hemoglobin) within the actual dermal layer.  This means there is no down time after treatment. This treatment is not painful at all. Your skin may be a little flushed but you can immediately apply the recommended OFRA products and make up after treatments. 

At Bloom Wellington we give patients realistic treatment plans.  We advise that it takes patience and the daily use of the recommended OFRA products – but every scar can be improved. 

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