7 Myths about laser hair removal

It is fine to have body hair, but if you decide to remove it you may want to ask one of our Bloom Laser Therapists to explain the truth behind the myths…

1. Is IPL and laser hair removal the same thing?

NO.  IPL machines are not the same as a Laser.  There is a lot of confusion between IPL (intense pulse light) hair removal and laser hair removal. 

  • IPL systems use ‘photothermolysis’ – light heat breakdown.  Through a beam of traditional light IPL uses many different wave lengths to burn the hair shaft, damaging the follicle to prevent immediate re-growth of the shaft that has been removed.

  • Laser hair removal is a straight, focused, concentrated beam of light. This, put simply is one beam of light and one wave length.  Laser hair removal is very controlled and unlike IPL it selectively targets the hair cells and follicles.  The use of one particular wavelength of light in laser hair removal is what allows that selectivity, creating a heat injury to the hair, but not the surrounding skin.  The heat of our laser is absorbed by pigment or melanin in the hair root, causing damage to the hair follicle, which stops future hair growth.  The higher amount of melanin or the darker the hair, the more the light is absorbed and therefore the more effective the hair removal. 

2. Is Bloom’s laser safe?

Yes.  We have a laser from a very reputable and established American company – Cutera.  Our laser technicians and registered nurses are highly trained in all aspects of aesthetic medicine and regularly attend conferences and courses to keep abreast of the latest techniques. 

3. Is laser hair removal expensive?

Not when you consider that it is a permanent solution for unwanted hair.  Other hair removal techniques such as waxing, plucking or shaving may be quick and inexpensive, they are temporary measures.  Women are estimated to shave over 7000 times in there lifetime.  Laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair permanently.  

Bloom laser hair removal treatment start from $75.00 and packages plus Q card are available.

4. Can you treat all skin types?

Yes, our laser works on light or darker skin tones. 

  • However there is a small amount of preparation before laser hair removal whatever you skin type.  You will need to have grown out the hair from waxing or plucking.  The hair will have to be shaved on the day (or the day before) you come for your treatment. 

  • You will need to wear sun block on the treated area for two weeks post treatment as sun exposure can make laser hair removal less effective. 

5. Is laser hair removal painful?  

NoTreatment can feel like a rubber band flicking over the treated area. At times it may be a little uncomfortable depending on where the area being treated, but it is a quick process so any discomfort felt is momentary. You should feel no discomfort following treatment.

6. Can I use skin care products straight after laser hair removal?

Yes.  We are stockists of OFRA and LALICIOUS skin care, both are suitable for use immediately after laser treatment for both men and women of all skin types. 

7. Is there a product that prevents ingrown hairs? 

Yes. OFRA have developed a product for use following hair removal treatment that help prevent ingrown hairs.  Bloom also recommends regular use of a Lalicious exfoliating body scrub

Remove unwanted facial and body hair with our Bloom laser system – for incredible long term results. Book a FREE consultation with one of our laser therapists today. 


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