Spider veins on your legs are often a concern during the summer, when they can make you self-conscious about wearing skirts, dresses and shorts.  It is much easier to ignore them during the winter months when you can hide them under long pants and stockings. 

Winter is the perfect time to have your spider vein treatment at Bloom Clinic for a number of reasons.

Won’t Interfere with Your Plans

It may be winter in New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean your schedule slows down. In fact, many New Zealanders find this time of year to be even busier.   Bloom offers spider vein treatment with aesthetic laser technology from Cutera.  This treatment involves little discomfort and no downtime, so you can work appointments into your busy routine.  Our treatment targets, reduces and softens the colour of spider veins on your face or body.

No Sun Exposure

To ensure that the skin heals properly after your treatment, it is recommended that you refrain from any sun exposure for a number of weeks. We recommend post laser treatment and for daily use, all year round of COOLA sun care products. COOLA products guarantee broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays.   But in the winter, this is much easier to do as our skin-baring clothing is safely packed away.  By the time you are ready to show off your legs again, your skin will be healed and you won’t have to worry about pigmentation issues.

Time to See Results

Excel V laser treatment is a highly effective method for eliminating spider veins, but it often takes more than one treatment session to achieve full results. At Bloom Clinic we usually recommend a minimum of three treatments.  A prescribed period of time must be allowed between treatments to ensure skin heals fully from one laser exposure before getting another. If you start your laser treatments now, you should achieve full results before summer rolls around.

Ready for Summer!

Once the warm temperatures and sunshine make an appearance, the last thing you want to do is worry about the appearance of your legs. By investing in spider vein treatment now, you can ensure that you will be ready to face the leg-baring season with confidence. In the meantime, your legs can be safely hidden under winter clothing until the treatment protocol is complete.

Now is the perfect time to invest in your legs for next summer. At Bloom Clinic, we utilise the medical grade Excel V laser from Cutera to remove those visible veins and create a smoother, clearer look to the skin.

To learn more, contact Bloom Clinic on 04 8016999

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