What is “Bacne”?

The term bacne refers to back acne, those annoying acne outbreaks on your back. Back acne usually first appears during puberty and is often outgrown by your early 20s, but can, unfortunately, persist beyond these years.

Like the skin on your face, your back has a great deal of sebaceous glands and hair follicles that secrete sebum, a waxy substance designed to keep your skin moisturized. When excess sebum combines with bacteria and dead skin cells, it can clog up your pores and create pimples on your back.

Bacne can also be triggered when heat and sweat is trapped against the body, and when your skin is irritated by friction. If you’re frequently wearing athletic equipment, tight-fitting clothing, backpacks or anything similar, you might be prone to bacne.

What can I do to help treat and prevent bacne:

  • Shower immediately following bouts of intense sweating using a cleanser specifically for oily acne skin such as Ofra Vitamin C Foaming Cleanser
  • Treat active acne with a product containing salicylic acid – Bloom Clinic recommends and stocks Ofra Blemish Treatment Cream.
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Eat a healthy diet and increase your water intake
  • Wear breathable clothing
  • Book in for a laser “Bacial” at Bloom Clinic

Our Excel V laser kills Acne causing bacteria while simultaneously treating redness and early scarring.  Laser Genesis helps with breakouts, redness, acne scarring, enlarged pores and post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation caused by Acne.   We have developed a precise Acne treatment with our Excel V, Laser Genesis and Acne skin care products from OFRA.

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